Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

There are times when a clients schedule and mine simply don’t work out. His / Her free time and mine simply don’t coincide. At this point I have a few options, the first one is the probably the most widely used one by all escorts, which is when its clear there wont be a meeting, just to say “goodbye.”

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Except I can’t do that. I love my country, I’m a proud Jew and a Zionist and I want visitors to Israel to leave with a good feeling. If part of their experience here includes an escort girl than that too should be good.


Sometimes they even ask me if I have a “friend.” Well I don’t really know any other private girls, at least not personally.So what do I do? I recommend someone or a website that might answer their needs. If I’m too expensive then there are the girls on backpage or the agencies. Many are professionals that are just passing through Israel from Eastern Europe but are cheaper than me (and so too is their service).


However if price is not an issue I send them to one of the independent escorts, which in essence are my competition and here is the tricky part. I might lose them. Different girls different chemistry, sometimes they might just have a little better click with my potential client.


Yet I still do it, somethings are more important than money. Also in my own naivety, believing that doing a “good deed” (strange as this might be in this line of work) brings in its own rewards. So I shall continue to recommend other escort girls and their websites that I do not know and will never meet, ┬áif I cannot meet the client my self.


But, I do admit however to wanting to inquire how was that escort girl, and even to the point of wanting to hear some of the “dirty details.” How did she arrive, what was she wearing, was she warm toward the client, etc . Yet I don’t, as it feels like I’m prying too much-or maybe its just for my own fantasies…..(this is a subtle hint, that if I do send you to my competition, feel free to send me some feedback).