Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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In my last post about Israeli memorial / independence day, I mentioned how I give my IDF Reserve Soldier Clients a discount.

I look upon it as the least I can do for them and its not for any kind of marketing promotion.

Its pretty well known that in the world of internet marketing, giving something a way for free or with a discount on a website is a major incentive to increase traffic and eventual sales. Its something I’ve been toying with for sometime now.

I certainly do want to increase the traffic to my site, but more than that, I want to reduce the “bounce rate”, thats the number of those who come to my home page and leave and do not continue further into my site. (avg between 20-30%)

I have no real need to reduce my Escort prices, quite the opposite, I may increase them a bit (just a thought) as I need to reduce my work load as its steady increase is now starting to interfere with my day job and studies.

My own internet marketing, combined with my love of sex, the adventures of being a private escort, my natural D boobs and natural blond hair, apparently are a successful combination. (Another surprise, I also love writing about it in m blog as well and receiving such wonderful compliments).

So my discount price will remain as a gesture solely to my very very few Israeli Reserve Combat Soldier clients, who continue to risk their lives for us and deserve my special treats.

However, I am still considering offering something, perhaps after some kind of contest..I just haven’t decided what that will be yet, suggestions are always welcome.