Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

I really didn’t understand, I get constant compliments on the quality of my work,

on the appearance, yet when I asked one of my clients how does one get tested he explained it to me and then when we did it, the result was a C – 71%. Granted I did much better on the details such as Minify JavaScript where I got an A – 95% but still 71%





I’m used to getting good grades so this was very disappointing. But the worse part? I have now have to learn new internet terms such as: Defer parsing of Javascript and learn if its even possible to do on my site.


Its speed is a 4.6s, for loading, its should be faster, Granted I have large, quality picts and unlike other B2B / B2C sites, my clients are willing to wait longer for my site to load, still…I don’t like low grades.


And there is more, my total page size is 1.27MB, how does that translate in to Kg and do I have to put my site “on a diet.”


Now that I”m aware of my sites performance and that I still have work to do on it, and that I have to fill my already filled brain with additional terms, such as optimization, image compression – ugh!!!

I can’t decide if the next time that same client, who showed me this stuff,  invites me over, if I should use my teeth…