Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escorting and size

Escorting / Skills and Size

Escorting requires a few skills, some of them are physical skills and some of them involve reading between the lines of the emails.

For the most part most of the emails that I receive the client at some point in the emails gives me short description of himself, such as  “I’m in good shape” with perhaps his weight and height. (btw this is also very dependent upon the culture of the client).

And sometimes I get a surprise. Yes there have been very large men or very small men but only once was I actually left slightly shocked and was at a loss of what to do.

He was large, not his body but his “member” in fact I would say it was very large / huge.

When its full size became clear to me, I looked up and mentioned that it would have been nice if he had mentioned his size in the email. This required a bit of psychological preparation. His answer? “He didnt want to scare me away.”

Well, I told him it wouldnt have scared me away and I always like a challenge, but it would have been nice to know before hand.

So here I am, with the rather very large item in my hand and and I really don’t know of any place I could put it, where it will “fit”

I can see the disappointment  on his face, which makes me feel uncomfortable as he did pay for a certain service, even though he knew it may not happen.

What can I do? it just doesnt fit. So I asked him, has he succeeded with other girls? Whats the history with such an item.Well he started to talk, experiences that worked partially others that didnt and now i realized I had my solution. As he spoke of his experiences with details I could feel that I was getting wet, this lead to me playing with myself with one hand and the other I was playing with him. (I”m well coordinated). That seemed to work with him as well as sometimes he had trouble telling me his stories. Of course when that happen, I stopped playing with him so he could get back his concentration.

This threat and its action seem only to get him more excited, which in turn made him lose his concentration again…we were in a loop.

A new plan was required, as we were “on the clock.”

We switched, I started to tell him a few stories of mine, big guys, small guys, average guys.

For some guys, they need the visual of gorgeous blonde in front of them, for others its simply the physical feelings that comes with the “act.” and for others, its more the storytelling that works for them.

I talked, he did the work and I could add one more satisfied customer to my cliental. (and I didn’t risk breaking anything in my body).