Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escort to-do-list

Escort meets the to-do-list

Some people just “go with the flow” and others can’t move without their to do list. There are those who have their “to-do-list” scribbled on a paper and then there are those who have their to do list, listed with numbers an notes.

The email exchange was relativly normal but….I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it was a little bit “off.” He was very concerned about time (my arrival and when I leave). He asked for 2 hours and asked that I bring my sweat pants. Still there was something.

Such a Nerd.

When I opened the door it all became clear. Imagine the TV stereotype of the classic nerd: thin, round glasses, shy, eyes concentrating on the screen.

As i stood next to him he finished and printed out his “to do list (yes he had a portable printer with him). So now your wondering what was exactly this to do list? well it was sexual positions including time for each one (with a +/- 15%).

He handed it to me and asked me if the times seem reasonable (I see that it included bathroom breaks and a quick show after the first 60 minutes. i was under the impression that he really wanted me to mark it up, put in some changes, so that is what I did. I put in 20% more time required for a certain position, added some additional time for teasing.

Escort Revisions

So what does my client do, he took my notes, back too the computer and put them the excel sheet and then reprinted. He then handed me the new printout and asked for my confirmation.

it looked good so I signed off on it. But we weren’t finished. He placed it on the wall and asked me if I was ready. For some reason I felt I was in some kind of laboratory, being tested. I then told him that we have enough time for all of the various positions but that we don’t need the time. I told him to relax and I promised that we will go through the list without checking off each row.

I sensed some insecurity on his part, so I told him to print it out much large (on several sheets). This way we can read it from across the room and not have interrupt ourselves as we changed positions.

I did sense perhaps some Asperger syndrome with him, or just a super shy guy either way before I left the room I suggested that we remove the art work from the wall :)-