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Escorting and Uniforms: My Own Fetiish

For those of you who have been reading my blogs, you’ll know that I do like “dressing up.” The clothes fetish is actually one of my favorites. The look I get from my clients when I enter with “office attire, or my sweat pants (a favorite), is just priceless. Its actually a large part of my work, being able to bring to my clients more than just a “body” who watches the clock, but a real honest service.

I can come as the office worker, the girl in the yoga outfit, perhaps returning from the beach, the classy girl, the maid. There is one uniform, that sometimes I’m asked to wear, that I will always refuse.

Its the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Uniform.


Memorial Day

Memorial day was just a few days ago. Its a day when we are reminded of the  women and men who have sacrificed their lives while wearing the uniform. These soldiers amaze me, in so many different ways. From being so young, motivated and brave, to those who continue their service through out their lives, be it in the regular army or as reservists.

The uniform represents for me these people and to wear it for this work because it is someones fetish, to me degrades the IDF uniform and those who wear it.This is one request I will simply refuse.

Of course the IDF uniform is not the only option for those with the Clothes / uniform fetish. I look great as an office worker with my skirt, open shirt and glasses. Or you can always pull down my yoga pants just as you fantasized to do to the girl next to you in your yoga class 🙂