Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escorting as a temp job

Escorting as a Temp Job

I’ve always  looked upon my escorting as a temporary job for myself. A job that will provide for me the finances required for my future profession. I’ve also  learned that it is providing for me the tools to work as a freelancer as well.

Its a temporary  job. But there is more.

Receiving a Beautiful Email from a Client.

He visits Israel usually 3x a year. Obviously the closure affected our meetings, or so I thought, as I haven’t seen him for quite a while.  I was wrong. It wasn’t the closure,  it was that I successfully did my temp job and it was now over. (my temporary escort job).

He wrote me to thank me for my time and explain why we haven’t meet. He now has a girlfriend and she knows how to fulfills his needs (emotionally, sexually & fantasy).

My reaction was a sense of fulfillment, I helped him get through certain period and now things are looking good. His letter to me was  just showing his appreciation towards me.

Clearly he didn’t have to write, as most don’t really write an escort to thank us for our extended services. 

I do get many smilies 🙂 upon  leaving a client and / or  few sentences about how nice a time they had and how special I am (love that part!). This  however was different. This is something the extreme busybody feminists don’t get.

His appreciation for our times together was real, it was’t about sex, it  was more about the personal attention he received by me (ok so there was some sex involved and a few special, unique needs in this personal attention that he did receive).

This  job of mine, this  temp job clearly leaves impressions that I had not considered when I first started.  As time went on and I began to see a few clients regularly, I began to understand that my  influence in their lives was something that I had not  nor could have imagined.

A Few Random Observations

I really have met some very special people since I started.

Receiving his letter that he did not have to write was simply a really nice and special gesture.

Some of my experiences and the people I have met as an escort are clearly going to have a positive affect on my entire life.