Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

tel aviv escorting

Escort to Caesarea, Jerusalem

Although I get offers to travel to Italy, meet someone off the Islands of England, spend a week in New York, I always turn them down. Even closer to home as in Eilat or even Jerusalem.

However, I received an offer to visit a older client of mine in Caserea. Caserea is further up north (see the map). Its about 60 minutes from Tel Aviv an decided to take it.

tel aviv escorting

I like Caserea, it has the history of Israel, its has a beautiful beach and I was going to get to spend some time in a beautiful home. So I have here a few policy exceptions: A longer distance visit, a private home (actually a rental). Of course he will be paying for my time on the road.

And I was actually pretty excited. I planned a full day for myself (12 hours), not all of those hours with my client. I planned on some beach time, a short trip to one of the wineries in Benaymina and of course a wonderful time in the pool in his house.

And what a house, what a bedroom and what food. Of course I brought the right clothes: swim suit, elegant but sexy clothes for dinner, the kind that are easily removable.


Changing the Environment, effects the client arrosal

After my swim and shower some yoga pants for some stretching.

Older man (50’s) due to physiological changes in the body do not have the same energy and abilities of younger man. However…

by changing the environment: pool, dining room, downstairs gym, relaxing in front of the TV, it would be like we “just met.” This had an interesting affect as he had a difficult time (ok, impossible) keeping his hands off of me.

NEW for Escort KIM

Though in certain circumstances as an Escort I am willing to travel outside of the Tel Aviv area, however, it will be limited. Of course it wont be cheap as the travel time, especially with traffic jams have to be included in my price.

I’ll also be looking for more than a single hour in these visits as my whole day essentially will be based around this visit. I’ll have to include some local sites, as well as some shopping time as well  :).