Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

I had a conversation with a friend of mine, the only one who knows of my secret life as an escort, these are excerpts from our emailing. It was about my day job and my boss (if he only knew!!!)

My friend asked if I would tell her another story, which she likes to read,  sometimes it gets her (and me) aroused so then she  goes and masturbates. (sometimes when I relive one of my more fun experiences it also arouses me as well).

Well, I was actually at work (my real day job) when she wrote, so I this is what I wrote back…


I’m actually at my day job and need both hands to work the computer, writing code as well as talking to my boss, who is nearby. I promise tonight I’ll send you my latest escorting adventure from last night (I provide escorting services in Tel Aviv). Though of course I’m sure my boss wouldnt mind if I  stopped working, took a break and wrote you as long as he could read it, but then he would have an erect cock  all day long.  A quick glance at him and he is trying to fantasize  about me being naked (again- he does that a lot).

The question is, now that I think about it….should I let hm see some of my tits?….unbutton my shirt, perhaps a middle button? .so he can peek in? I can always call him over so he can stand behind me and look down my shirt..and yes it gets me horny as well.

oops…had to pick up a pencil under the desk…upbutton the middle button on my blouse which provides for a nice side view of my tits….and now my panties are getting wet (this might call for a quick trip to the bathroom if this keeps up). He is trying so hard, to look and not look. I so much want to turn to him and just open my shirt!!!! and tell him to start sucking!!

but that will have to wait, maybe one day, in the meantime, I like it when he puts his hand between his legs and I have to get back to work now and solve a stubborn css problem.