An Exclusive service for Women and Couples who are exploring their own Sexuality

I’m Actually a Bisexual Tel Aviv Escort

I like both men and woman. both are different and both forfill a different part of my needs.

I Love Girls

Meeting with woman, however is intense, more sexual and more intimate. For those of you who are considering trying for the first time, it can be quite the surprise to learn just what you’ve been missing out on. Of course there are additional options where we have your husband / boyfriend involved as well (MFF). This actually has happened quite a few times during my time working as a tel aviv escort. Usually it has been the woman who has started the conversation with me asking me if its something that I do.

My first question to her is, is this your first time?. In general its about 50/50, but by far they are the most fun (the beginners).  A woman who is finally exploring her own sexuality is open to many ideas.

The fact that she is far from home and is asking an escort makes it both more exciting for her as well as giving her a sense of security (that nobody will find out).

The problem comes afterwards,  after she enjoys the new experience, she is soon leaving Israel and its back to her more structured life and then its “what to do about this new breakthrough.?

Couples are Great Its so different with each couple, sometimes the male just watches, sometimes he joins in either way, always welcome with me.