Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

telaviv escorting service

As many of you know, those who have written me, visited with me, I also do what is known as “humiliation” (what I call BDSM lite).


You shall call me “Mistress


This is when the hi priced lawyer, the powerful businessman, the CEO of some hi tech company for some psychological reason needs a release that is exactly the opposite what his day to day is all about.


Instead of him making decisions that affect many, influences even more and may have repucssions world wide, he needs me to tell him what to do, how to do it and when to do it. He infact makes no decisions, nothing at all. Infact if he even deviates from my orders just a bit, he gets punished and punishment can be severe. I want him to feel that pain that he inflicts upon his employees when he gives them his dissappointed looks, when he sends them back to “do it again.”


The scenarios will vary depending upon the type of humiliation and orders that fit each client (PH – Personal Humiliation-designed to fit everyones specific needs), but each will get what they deserve.


I got these great 5″ heels to walk all over you, toes that need a licking to mention just a few of the things we may do. Anyway you look at it, my clients who need it will feel the “kim” nor will they forget it.