Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Escort Tel Aviv

Escorting: Saved my Presentation

The Background…

I had a major presentation the next day, the presentation was to convince a company to use me (not as a TLV Independent Escort, but in my public freelance profession).

In order to have that competitive edge I chose to use a relatively new software that had a specific feature that I believed would do it. I would integrate the software into my presentation, this was to be the heart of my presentation.

Before I bought the software, however, I did my research and I understood that there was not much support for it.The support forum was limited with answers from the company coming late if at all.

Youtube with examples of how to use the software was limited to just 2, and those were not so great, one was old.

Their website had no phone, no chat, but, this was a competition and I’m not afraid to taking risks, so I bought it.

Clearly I would be on my own, but I had a few days to learn the program and use just what I needed to show. I wasn’t too worried as learning new software is part of my job.

I downloaded the software and went though the rather sparse instructions, and got it to work as expected. I found a few glitches to avoid, concentrated on the features I wanted to show and felt confident that this was going to work.

I then decided how to use the software in my presentation. Once finished I practiced my presentation a few times…I was good to go.

Presenting in Israel…

Of course since Covid-19 showed up, I have been visiting with local Israelis, so I admit to hoping that none of my clients show up at my presentation. I figure at best there would be a small recognition smile between us and then back to being professional.

At worse? he/she would, using a loud voice, call me kim and ask if we can meet in the same hotel, next week.

Something that I don’t really believe would happen.

Checking the Presentation

The day before my presentation, which was to be in the morning, I decided to run through it again….the software didn’t work.

My first reaction, was “good thing that I’m checking” as I now just have to find whats changed.

5 hours later I’m still looking, and now I’m getting nervous, as its not working. I keep going through my process what worked and its not helping. I start rereading the forums, looking for someone who had a similar problem and I get nada, zero.

My Pink Solution

Normally when I need a break, when I need to relax or turn off my brain I have the pink solution.  My masterbation toy. I go to my favorite porn site, turn on my toy to slow, spread my legs, place it, where I like to place the real thing and let my body take over my brain.

The panic within was too strong, I couldn’t even masterbate, I tried various porn movies, from office scenes, to tie up scenes, lite bdsm, masterbation scenes, female with two men, 2 females and one man in a cave…nothing.

I Have a Client to Visit

My calendar reminds me that I have a client to visit. I’m really not in the mood, but its one of my older clients who has arrived from the US and It wouldn’t be right not to visit.

I got myself ready,  “get into the mood” and leave my presentation behind.

I enter his hotel room, see his smile, of which I haven’t seen for a few years….and I find myself looking forward to the hour with him.


As I enter the taxi to go home, I”m still relaxed from the previous hours activites.  I sit back and all of a sudden I think “oh shit” and smile…

I know the problem and its solution. The time between when the software worked and when it didn’t work I had changed one of the settings on my system.  I was sure, this change had a direct affect on the software.

I arrive home, run to the computer, return the system setting to where it was a few days earlier and …..everything was back to working!!!!

How many times do we go to sleep with a problem and wake up with the solution? I just need a break so my brain freeze would subside and then I could solve the problem.

The Presentation

The presentation went off flawlessly and of course I also flashed my tits as I was presenting to an all-male audience.

I’m not sure what made the better impression, my technical solutions or my big tits, either way I got the job.  (just kidding about the tits, they maybe natural but thats not enough to have won the contract),

I have no doubt, It was my better solution that convinced them, but some credit definitly goes to Kim, my alter-ego.