Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Escorting VIPs

VIP Escorting

and its surprises for me, the escort

There is a lot of research, books, studies done about the escort profession, it always seems so superficial to me. Or its about “hot sex” or broken girls or perhaps adventure seeking students. Some of the escort books write about how they are partial “therapists.” (some truth to that).

Perhaps I’ve missed something, but for me, one of the most interesting part involves the people that I meet. Never would I ever have met some fascinating, as well as accomplished people if I had a regular job. And even when I’m in my future profession, even if I do meet such people it will only be in a very superficial way. 

As an escort, I get a window into lives that I simply never would have even known about, and learn about as we talk. Whats even better they don’t intimidate me. After all, were both naked :). It gives me a certain confidence about my own future.

The conversations that I have with these very special people can range from Art to politics, politicians, religion and to the many things in-between.

The VIP’s Find Me

I dont have in any of my ads or blogs anything about  “Elite” VIP, Exclusive. I have much respect for the various people that I’ve meet, be they day laborers with little education or those who have gone “all the way” and received their PhD.

However those within that elite world, those who have a few accomplishments in their lives, certainly do find me :). And when with them I see a few of their many sides. They too are just like us everyday people, and at the same time, they have something special about them.

I suppose when I leave my escorting profession and enter my “public profession, I might just meet up with a few of them, and that will certainly be an interesting few seconds.