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Kims New Escort Twitter Account

As so many of you know I now have a twitter account. And it really isn’t too hard to explain. Its not like I’m so totally excited about having yet another social media account for my Tel Aviv Escorting Business.

I actually have a Linkedin accout and a Facebook account. Before you go searching for them, there is actually very little content in either of them.

Social Medial Escort Marketing

In my never ending race to improve my SERP, my escort twitter account is just one more link in this never ending competition.

So obviously the question for myself is what am I going to be filling this new account with and really how much is it worth in terms of Google? The number of followers is obviously the key and yes there are places where I can actually buy followers, its just seems to “fake” and dishonest (says the escort with the fake name andĀ  identity).

Well, like my whole website and this strangely interesting experiment as an independentĀ  Tel Aviv Escort, twitter is also a WIP (work in progress). Some posts obviously will be just passing thoughts, others will relate and link to my blog and site (those crucial links that Google so loves) and still others perhaps will be just my imagination at play.

I’m playing with the idea of writing a quick twitter every few days but skip over the picts as they are what is time consuming. Of course its the picts that attract attention and make the twits a bit more interesting.

So as I wrote, its a WIP and now its time to pray:

Please GOOGLE, make this work and increase my SERP so I dont have to go to Instagram!