Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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Boutique Hotel: Getting Locked Out in the Rain

Boutique hotels are all the rage now in Tel Aviv. Sometimes old buildings refurbished, older hotels redesigned with a specific artsy feel. They are small and can create a certain challange for the me, the independent escort.

Finding the Entrance

These smaller refurbished buildings may have their entrance off  the main street. Or its just a small door, nothing like the larger hotels with their grand entrances. Furthermore I may be arriving at night and in an area crowded with restaurants all lit up and I simply can’t find the simply door.

Find the Room

Worse is finding the room. Refurbished boutique hotels do not always fit the simplistic, efficient design of the standard hotel with its long hallways and evenly spaced rooms.  Infact I may have to walk through a courtyard, down a curvy staircase and take out my flashlight to find the room.


Absolute Worse Boutique Hotel Situation

This is when the employees go home. They lock the front door and simply leave. This is not something that I always remember to  tell the client to check.

If its raining I can actually be stuck outside in the rain, while my client is in his/her room waiting for me. Perhaps in the shower or working and therefore not seeing my frantic emails of “Help!” I’m cold, wet and you have to come down and open the door. And I’m not feeling very sexy (though some like the wet look.

When this happens there is always some nice guy (with an ulterior motive no doubt), that sees me, a damsel in distress and offers to help. Offers to share his umbrella with me, a cup of coffee, while I’m waiting, etc.

I always wonder what would be the reaction, if I thanked him and asked if he would wait with me until my client finally answers the email and comes down to open the door…..