Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escort girls dont cry

Escorts Don’t Cry

It’s tough being out of work, especially when one is use to being busy day and night. All of a sudden, my TLV escorting and the initial beginnings of my future profession just stopped – but  Escorts don’t cry.

Late at night, sitting outside alone, one wonders if one’s world is falling apart. The self -pity feelings start rumbling.

And then I remember: Big Girls Dont Cry.

No Self-Pity for  Independent Escorts, We Don’t Cry.

Being an independent escort or an independent anything means no self-pity. We simply have to look at our options. Granted my  actual options are very limited as the country is in total shutdown. My options for govt assistant are quite limited. Never the less I believe the future is bright, not  just for  me, but for Israel as  well. 

The Advantage of Being Tlv Escort

When all of this ends (until the next pandemic), some aspects of the economy will be upended. Jobs will be modified, the way we  do  things, changed. There will be some new professions and some may disappear.

Independent Escorting however is not going anywhere.  I  might  very well have additional competition as economic instability is always followed by an increase in working girls.

I fully expect to “weather this storm” and  pick up where I left off. Escorting for income, fighting Google for my placement in its organic search engine.  Most important of all, is my continued education and steps toward my future profession.

The only downside of my future profession is that I  also plan on being a freelancer,  so I’ll be just as vulnerable to the next pandemic  / economic  recession.

I think I’ll stay in touch with my present escort clients  🙂