Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Escorts and Hotel Lobbies

Hotel Lobbies and Escorting (Pt 3)

As we became aware of the Coronavirus , international travel started to decline. Hotels in Israel started to empty out and the ‘dreaded lobby” started to be far less active.

I hate feeling like everyone is looking at me, (thinking , look there goes a Tel Aviv independent escort). If the hotel lobby is busy I don’t feel it so much, but now?

I walked by one of the larger hotels and I decided to enter. The place was dead there was a single person sitting at a chair and that was it.

I had to think about this as I had a “date” with a client the next day in the evening. No question that when I walk in the hotel lobby I’ll be the only one moving. All eyes (guard, receptionist, bar man/woman) will all be on me.  I try to be a very discrete escort, but this does not look good.

Obviously I’m an Escort

For those of you who have seen the movie Pretty Woman a few times, may get the impression that we shall meet at the bar. I don’t do that, I go straight to the room.

However, times have changed and if I enter a hotel today (this was at the start of the virus) I’m walking across an empty lobby. An hour later I’m walking across that same lobby in the opposite direction.  It will take just one guess as to what I’m doing there. The few employees who don’t have much to do, will talk about me. When I show up again sometime in the future I may very well be recognized.

I Need a New Hotel Lobby Plan

Hotel Lobbies are not what they used to be. My client that I have plans to see is one of my older clients. This means I’m more comfortable with him and willing to explain my situation and my plan.

Instead of attempting to “rush through the lobby,” I shall do the opposite.

My plan is to meet him outside of the hotel, we shall enter together and sit in the lobby have a coffee as friends / lovers, etc. This will make us what was once typical and not bring any special attention to myself. In addition that particular hotel is on the beach and has a back entrance to the beach, which I plan on using.

This is definitely breaking one of my stronger rules, but once again as an independent escort I have to adapt to a changing environment.

So now that Google is done ‘screwing with my business, it seems the Corona Virus has taken its place 🙂