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Later-life, crisis? A job for Kim the Escort

My world of escorting is one of surprises, not just experiences, but about people I’m meeting and their personal stories. Now I’ve added the later-life crisis to my list…

My last post was about a party with men who were over 60, since then, I’ve been receiving a higher percentage of emails from that age group. As usual I start to dig in and find out why. It turns out not only is there the classic “mid-life crises, there is also “later-life crisis. Its this “later life” crises that I’m now meeting.

The Story of one of my clients in his “later-life crisis

For those of you who are in my “fan club” (did you get your t-shirts?) and read my posts, you might recognize earlier I had wrote a post about it.

Sex Workers Forever

I’ve now done some reading on the issue and understand thats its a real problem for older couples today.

Kim favorite tel-aviv escort

I took a Viagra just to be sure I would have an erection for my wife...

He’s a young 60+, works in Hi-tech in a senior position and has many beautiful young and smart women around him all day.

He is easily aroused. This becomes a problem now. When he was younger, it was just fun as he would take his arousal home with him, “find his wife”, wait until she was in the right position and have his way with her – a quicky 

Today, his wife has little interests in sex and has made that clear. Its actually been over 15 years since they have had sex, and which later led to him visiting escorts and meeting me.

As he told his story….

They were taking a short vacation and he decided to see if could change the situation, they would have some wine, watch a movie and he would “start.” He would take viagra just to be sure.

In the end, he did receive a hand job, and she did try, but there was no passion, no sexual energy….It was an eye opener in terms of their future together…. I poured him some more wine and told him to drink up :).

He didn’t want to disappoint his wife, by not cumming, but her hand job was horrible. It was good that the movie they were watching had some pretty, sexy girls in it, so that he could fantasize about them, and of course the viagra was a big help.

The realization that this was his future was not encouraging.

I decided to look into this issue

In order to do so, I organized the catagories that I felt would be the best descriptions of the situation from the various commments from my clients:

  1. Wife is not just Not interested in having sex, she’s no longer even pretending
  2. She really isn’t really sexy in his eyes and watching her doesn’t arouse him
  3. masturbating in the bathroom / office / bedroom when alone / anywhere
  4. Finding a girlfriend at age 60 and keeping it a secret was not going to work. 
  5. Divorce, breaking up the family was going to far
  6. Strip clubs (now outlawed)
  7. Escorts
  8. Lots of porn

Even though I have actually studied statistics, I’m hardly going to give my clients a questionaire during our meet.  I can just imaging the reaction from my clients, should I stop in the middle of a BJ and ask them to fill out the form on the table.

Kim the escort with a soft touch and empathy

Back to my client….I knew that he felt inside no older than 35, and it wasn’t hard to bring out his passion for sex. I encouraged him to “relive” his younger days with me. I have no idea what the psychotherapists would say about my method and though he clearly enjoyed his time with me, this was serious problem for him (and many others).

I usually end my posts with some kind of snarky remark, as in “with me he didn’t need any viagra,” but not this time. (ok, so he really didn’t need any viagra with me).

As much as I’m a temporary relief / solution for many men, I’m wondering if I’m going to be that woman in 30+ years?