Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

private Israeli escorting
private Israeli escorting

Israeli Escort Pride…it was a long night as we celebrated our winning the European Song Contest.

Its part of my “dual life” that I live presently. Proud to be an Israeli, proud to live here and proud of my country’s accomplishments be it winning the world song contest or developing and transferring water technologies that impacts countries / people all over the world.

As I’m out with my girlfriends dancing in the streets, its always an amazing feeling to feel the energy and “togetherness” of the country…..its fun and full of pride. How does such a little country have so much impact on the world?

And of course when 3 sexy girls are out dancing (one blonde), with our big natural boobs bouncing, celebrating, guys just have to come by and try to pick us up (my girlfriends are all “taken” ), so that leaves just me as the target. Egged on by my girlfriends, I have to politely refuse. This is probably the toughest part of my secret life, but I know having a boyfriend at this point will not work.

Life is always a balance and different periods in our lives we have different hierarchies. As I take some time off from work to celebrate with my country our winning, I am just as determined to continue concentrating on the path that I have chosen, enjoying / celebrating life, meeting fascinating people as an private escort, loving my independence and studying for my future.

and its just soo cool to win the song contest