Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escort tel aviv

The Escort Wet Look: Tel Aviv Rain

Its been raining recently in Tel Aviv. It seems the City Planners of Israel never studied about the the 100 year flood plan concept. The idea is that the transportation system should be designed to work in different kinds of weather. Once in 100 years should the system be brought to a standstill by flooding. (I doubt the city planners considered us Tel Aviv Escorts and our scheduling in their infrastructure planning). This flooding seems to happen every year.

The city was brought to a standstill with the rain in the last few days. Taxis were impossible to find, and when I did find one, the travel time taking 3x – 4x as much as normal.


A New Fetish?

I hope this is not a fetish that I didn’t know about, but visiting a client while coming in from the rain had some unexpected reactions. Since I was late (a lot), I would be somewhat in a hurry to arrive at the room, I enter, wet dress, wet jacket, hair all messy and wet. First I get his sympathy, as I’m wet and cold. I take off my wet jacket, with my wet dress clinging to my body and my tits being “brought out.” (see the pict). The reaction from my client goes very quickly from sympathy for the wet and cold escort girl, to a more self centered egotistical view point:

Suddenly a smile appears on his face, a big smile, a few steps back to get a better view of this slim blonde, with big naturals, all wet with her dress that is clinging to every curve in her body. He is no longer concerned with me. Being a typical male, all his blood has left his brain and headed “south” to the lower part of his body.

I get it, A sexy blond, cold and wet, vulnerable with a clinging dress that accents every sexy curve in her escort body, how can any male not get excited? However, unlike visiting a client with yoga pants or as a secretary, entering a hotel room, cold, wet and late, is not really something I can plan on. On top of that, I might catch a cold.

So for those guys who do want me to see me enter your room, cold, wet and late, I’ll forgive your lack of sympathy for me and concentrate on your smile (that will warm me up).