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Excite the Escort? Sexual or Intellectual or Both?

What are my Blogs all about?

Writing my blogs are fun. Its not as if I have any one to run to and tell about my experiences with my clients. For those who have read my blogs, know they go from strange to the funny to the unexpected (my favorite being entering a hotel lobby full of police) as well as the intense (my meeting with reserve IDF soldiers).

My blogs serves as a type of “outlet.” However there is much more than that.

How to Excite me, the Escort

When I open an email and the first or second sentance is: I read your blogs and I especially liked….Boy does that get me excited. Ok, so it doesn’t get me excited sexually  (well, not directly – more about that later), but it has an influence.

For me it means the person was interested enough in meeting me to spend a few minutes to learning about me. It translates for me, a few things:

  • He / She knows  English – probably educated
  • Though the meeting may be short, there is potential for additional meetings
  • Potential for interesting discussions
  • Recognition that I am unique in the escorting business

None of the above bullet points are for sure. For everyone I met, who mentioned my blog, their were certainly a few dissapointments.  Still, I’m playing a percentage game in my independent Tel-Aviv escorting and remarks on my blogs are a good indication of a better meeting.

Googles Organic Search Engine

Of course my blogs also have an influence on my website’s placement in Googles Organic  Search Engine. I’m presently on page 2 for most of the general key words used in escort searching.

Its always exciting when I see my improvements in the Search engine or at least no movement downward.

Of course for an ego boost I just have to check my websites standing using the search engine “duckduckgo.” There I’m on the first page.

Success does equal sexual excitement

My blogs, fun to write, receive good reactions, works as a filter, lead to advancement in google and consequently aids in bringing me return clients.

Together  the intellectual + commercial + competitive success of my website / blogs does infact excite me sexually.