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This is a link to an Escort Diary that many of my readers will find interesting. It appears that shes been working as an escort since 2011 and has been writing ever since.

She goes by the name Sahar and her full website is:

What make her diary especially interesting is that she writes back to those who are commenting. Men who fall in love with their escorts, (sometthing that I’ve also experienced) or being in love and working as an escort.

One of the More interesting Escort Diary Posts

Previously, I used to feel that I could never trust men (because my experience as an escort saw too many ‘nice’ men who were cheating their wife/partner). I was once bitter; I thought that most men were liars and cheaters. But my thoughts have changed…Read More

So Many Posts to Choose From

However I have learned from her website that I in fact am considered a courtesan.

I must note that this diversity of clients is less likely when an escort is a courtesan. A courtesan, for the most part, ‘pick’s and chooses’ her clients and see’s only those she finds suitable.

This is from her post:
Types of Clients – (An Escort’s Perspective)

I’ve seen all sorts of men from a variety of different backgrounds. Some men often fall into a client stereotype. Of course, there are always exceptions. For instance, there was a client I saw who was infamously known for lifting women over his shoulders, in the air, to lick between their legs. Or other unique clients, like the young 20-year old University student who used to book me for 8 hours at a time to only kiss and lick my hands, feet, and bottom (I suppose those two were quite unique).