Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

and the answer is yes……I do enjoy being with other woman, as I am bisexual. Its different with woman.

Though I don’t promote it enough. I really don’t even know the market for female escorting, but it exists. So far its been either that they have come with their husband as a working vacation and while he is working, they’ve decided to try out a few fantasise in “foreign land.” Those woman are really fun, they are nervous as well as excited. Its not just the secrecy, that their husband is away, but this old fantasy actually becoming real. They usually show me their vibrator after we talk a bit and they love to have me watch in the beginning as I touch them, by that time they are usually very very wet.

The second is made up of locals woman here in Israel, usually in their 30’s with some sexual urges never acted upon and now they would like to. Some are married, some not.

Both types of meetings are far more “tender” than with my usual male clients. Its a slower process and easily takes more than an hour, but then that is nature of the different sexes. We even discuss clothes and shopping, and where to buy the best clothes, as well as vibrators!