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feminist crossing the line

Feminist trying to Rehabilitate Strippers and Escorts

I came across an  article about the closing down of the strip clubs in Israel. The article was written by one of the strippers, was written well. I doubt the “feminist would understand it.”

I was a dancer until Israel’s state prosecutor decided I’m an escort

Women’s organizations took away my livelihood and are offering me ‘rehabilitation’ instead

Anonymous | Mar. 3, 2020 | 5:57 AM

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I could write about what she wrote, but she is in fact a better writer than I am, so I shall just quote her instead:

I assume that, in their campaign to shut down the strip clubs, the women’s organizations were trying to say that a strip club opens the door to crime and prostitution. And I say to them: You’ve got it backward. By closing down the clubs, you’ve left many women with just one option. The clubs were a safe place in which no sexual act – full or partial – takes place. A place where girls dance peacefully. Until now, that is.

What is it with these “Feminist?

There is no doubt that some woman working as  prostitutes, perhaps as strippers, could use some help. Others like myself and the author of the article could take these pseudo feminists wipe the floor with their arguments of “saving us.”

I would argue that it is they that need saving from their simplistic / religious /intolerent view point. Their lack of respect for woman who have chosen a life style that is not to their liking does not give them the right  to wear their righteous religious feminist badge and tell us  how to live.

Just an Escort Ranting

And  again the writer of the article writes it beautifully,  to the politicians and their pseudo feminists

Don’t join the list of exploiters – that’s not the kind of help we need. Don’t decide for us what we can and can’t do, and don’t deprive us of freedom of occupation: We want to continue working in the profession that we chose – and that is our right.

These Woman are not Feminists – they are Exploiters

Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between those that have a “religious” need to tell  others how to live or just busy bodies that also want to tell others  how to live.

Either way, both are wrong.  END OF RANT