Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

tel aviv escorts and hi heels

This will be the first of many, Fetish’s are a part of my life as a provider. Whats surprising is the large variety of them that I encounter, though I have yet to meet the “furry ones” I’ve met quite a few interesting ones.

The most benign and yet one that keeps me feeling classy are those that want me to keep my high heels on. These are the guys that seem to love my legs, they like me to walk around the room.

And there is something especially sexy about hi heels when one has a “tight ass”

One client has the door open and sits as far back in the room as possible, he likes to watch me enter and then to walk up to him, which I do with just a bit more of hip movement that is normal, and I also lift my short skirt up just a bit so he can see my panties (or open my shirt). 

And when I’m finally next to him I put my foot, with my fancy high heels on his leg and let him touch and look. The poor guy, he never knows what to do next, run his hands on my leg, look between my legs, I just push my tits into face and that seems to calm him down…

But thats just one version of the leg / foot fetish, more to come…