Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Finding an Escort / Provider / Call girl in Israel

Looking for an Escort / Provider / Call Girl in Tel Aviv Israel? On this post I”ll go through your various options be you a couple, a woman or a male. Here I’ll write about the real independents, the pseudo independents, the part- timers, the escort companies, the ads you’ll be reading through, etc.

So lets start with the best of the best, the most motivated, that would be the real independents, private escorts such as myself. There are others in Israel, but not too many. You’ll find as Yarden, Alex, Adel, Brenda, and others. I don’t know of them personally but they certainly are independent escorts. I really can’t say if they are professional full time escort girls or just working part time as a means to an end, but given the character of their websites its clear to me that they are private escorts. One can expect that they will answer their own emails, or phone, they will ask some relevant questions as they will be concerned with their own safety and the character of the person they will be meeting. (this is less of a concern for the escort agencies). Since return clients are one of our goals, again we are concerned with giving a better service. We also charge more in general so the client also expects a bit more than then the escort agency’s girls.

I have to back up a bit, to the beginning, when you first start looking on the internet. Depending upon the words used and browser you’ll find a mixed bag of results: backpage, an escort portal or two, some escort agencies and perhaps a few real independent escorts. The portals with their beautiful sexy picts, or simply being a long list, can easily be scams, the escort sites are more organized, backpage or craigslist just lists and the independents will have their own websites, some simply, someĀ  better and some being really professional (as in mine).

The portals are obviously very tempting as are many of the picts on the escort sites, the downside is that the attitude of the service is to sell you a one time service (as the girls do change often), so they are less concerned with and have less control over the girl that is being sent to visit you, but they are cheaper, and its much easier to set up a meeting, as the agency will basically send whomever they have available, irreguradless of which picture and which name you see.