Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

We had the gay parade here in Israel a few days ago and it was really fun.

Israel is considered “gay friendly” and its a big tourist draw as well. Though I know the hotels certainly enjoyed the increase in business, the restaurants sure did, and so did I. It seems it brings out the inner girl desires in many women who “want to try”. I also had a gay guy who simply wanted to “try” to see if it works with a woman as well.


And of course since I do some lite BDSM, I even had a bit of that with two gay guys, who needed some beatings.

telaviv escortsAll in all in was quite an interesting week. The girls who invited me, actually there were two friends, who after the parade, after seeing all the girls holding hands, hugging and kissing decided it was about time they tried. Funny, they wanted a “professional” to be with them and I was happy to join.


They were a bit nervous and had asked what they should be wearing when I came (usually its the other way around). I told them I wanted short dresses, thongs, and wet t-shirts. I told them I wanted to see their nipples when I came in the room (I wanted them to be excited and nervous).


When i arrived, they were both standing, nervous with the wet-shirts one. I decided that I was going to take charge as it seemed to be just want they needed. I started off with having them kissing each other with lots of tongue. After that to the bed both of them naked, both of them between my legs licking, sucking my clit. I wanted them to get used to the idea before they did it to each other. At first they were giggling but as I got wetter and wetter they too were getting more and more excited and I could see their own hands had slipped down between their own legs and they were now rubbing their own clits.


That meant it was time, time for them to start licking each other, I told them to move into the 69 position, asses high in the air, legs spread and I wanted to hear some serious moaning and heavy breathing.


Well while they were doing each other, i went to the chair, brought out my own “rocket pocket” watched those two young girls with their perky tits, smooth nipples and shaved pussys slurp, suck masterbate each other.  And that was just their first orgasim for all of us, We had two more to go before I left.