Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

As an Escort my clients may ask for the GFE (Girl Friend Experience),

and its an escort service that I have as an option on my website.

However the actual definition of a GFE is not exactly definitive, so here I shall explain my version of it.

For me its in the attitude that I bring with me, the warm eyes, the attention that you’ll be getting, the hands on that you’ll be feeling. I want to give you the feeling that even though we just met and I may be leaving soon, I’m all yours and you are mine.

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What was unexpected for me, was that as I see a client a few times, this actually becomes real, I can actually feel like their Girl Friend, which of course makes the visit all the more fun exciting and real.

One definition of GFE involves kissing. For those who know me, you all know that kissing for me is for my personal life, so I keep that off the menu. I realize for some, this is a crucial part of their definition of the GFE, but as we all know, sometimes girlfriends say “no.”

Though my version of the GFE may have some limitations, the overall experience with me is far greater than any single one act, after all its the experience you’re looking for and I want to leave you with a feeling that you want to see me again, just like a real girlfriend.

After we visit a few times, the GFE can actually become a TGF (temporary girl friend) or perhaps a SGF (secret girl friend) how about BGFIEH (my best girl friend I ever had) or even IWKWMRGF (I wish kim was my real girlfriend).

For many, I would simply like to see you again because I enjoyed our time together and being like the GF is simply a natural outcome of that.