Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Giving Back to the IDF

Giving Back to the IDF through my Escorting

I Give Back to the IDF through my Reservist Client

I have written in the past that I have one Israeli client who lives in Europe but returns to Israel for his army reserve duty.
I’ve always given him a discount provided he wears his uniform for me. This time however he wouldn’t be coming to Israel to join his unit, due to the corona virus. Needless to say I was disappointed. He always told me stories of his experiences. Some stories were sad, when he lost friends, some were funny such as when he accidentally shot a tear gas grenade in to the military police compound. (I think he claimed it had a “hair trigger”).

Taking Advantage of  my Escorting

We had a few emails where he explained the obvious situation and that he won’t be coming  to Israel and consequently won’t be visiting me this time.  I expressed my dissapointment,  It was at that point he asked me for the favor.

I refrain from visiting Israels that live in Israel for reasons of privacy. His favor however  was  exactly that, he wanted to know if I would visit a friend of his. I can’t say I’ve ever been directly recommended like that. Escort recommendations always go through the internet from anonymous sources which I”m comfortable with. Being recommended to a friend  leaves me with an uncomfortable feeling, still I let him explain.

Part of the Team-Taking Care of  Each Other

They were a team, a reconnaissance unit, the kind of unit that goes first to scout out the area. This one mission it didn’t go so well and they were hit with missiles and machine gun fire. His friend survived but was hit in the leg, arm and face leaving him crippled.  Since then its been hard for his friend and virus shut down has made it worse.

Well they use to sit around, like all soldiers do and talk about slim blondes with natural tits. My soldier friend asked  me if  I would break a few of my rules  and visit his friend (rule 1 – no Israelis, rule 2 – no private apartments).

Smart strategy, he got me in my weakest spots: my own zionism, celebrating Israel and giving something back to those who served. I didn’t know what to expect in terms of the visual or his physical abilities. Clearly I had no real option other than agreeing.

Inviting the Escort

15 seconds after sending my email that said I agreed to meet, I received an email from his friend. I was not surprised.

As our emails continued, he sent me a link (Hebrew),  where I could read about the other soldiers who were killed in the battle where he was wounded. He gave  me a few names to enter into the search engine. Again the mixed emotions, sad for those who lost their lives,  and yet celebrating Israels existence on Independence day.

I asked him if “everything works”. His answer was  positive though he did add that he  had to learn to use his left hand for his own private pleasure.

I understood that we will be fine, I’ll get mine, he will get his and I get the addition of knowing  that in my own way I get to “support the troops.”

We agreed that once Israel opens up and I feel safe, we will set up a time to meet.

Of course he receives the IDF discount (I also asked that he wear his uniform with dog tags – I love the dog tags).