Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

kim escort tel aviv

Just a few thoughts

on my SEO work here (thats search engine optimization for those who thought the SEO might be some kind of new term for some sex position / act).

The competition is tough here, with so many girls coming here for a few weeks (months?) from Eastern Europe, flooding the general portals with their ads in backpage or craigslist with their cheaper prices (yes I am not the cheapest hourly escort).

My chosen venue is Googles organic search engine. However to succeed I need to know which words or phrases my potential clients are using in their searches for the private or independent escort girl. Clearly I”m not going to be spending money on one of the many SEO companies be it here in Israel or India (they seem to send out quite a few emails on that subject), so its up to me.

I’m have succeeded in being in the first two pages on google, depending upon the specific words used (private, escort, tel aviv for instance), but thats not enough. I want to be on the first page no matter what the various phrases are used. I’m not an SEO expert though I do understand much of it.

I’m reluctant to ask the clients that I do visit with as to how they found me, though many in their initial email volunteer that they found me on Alex’s wonderful blog.

Perhaps a online questionnaire after our visit? (just kidding).

Actually I’m looking for suggestions. For those digital marketing professionals out there, heres a new challenge for you…..