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Visiting a Client while Horny - not a good idea

There are times where my hormones have a “mind of their own” and once they get triggered, I just need an orgasm or two to calm the down. Such was the case, it was to be a typical day for me, some work in the morning (my freelance work), a visit to a new client in the early afternoon, and then back to work after.

The client was one of my few new ones that managed to visit Israel in between the closures and quarantines that seem to be happening. He was in his 50’s with limited experience in visiting escorts.

I decided not to masterbate…..

My concentration on my work wasn’t the best with my raging hormones, and usually I would just take out my pink toy and use that, but this time I decided not to.

I decided to bring my horniness to my client, let him enjoy my orgasm(s), who knows what I will do.

I then prepared for our meeting, a shower, make up, nice descrete clothes and in the cab….by not masterbating the level of my hormones increased and I was already wet sitting the cab. My hands kept trying to get between my legs, it was if they too had a mind of their own.

But I kept them away, which only made it worse, not to mention traffic in Tel Aviv these days is really bad, which added another 20 min to my time.

Kind of like having to pee while your in the car in the middle of of a traffic jam.

Finally I arrived at the hotel and then to his door where I knocked.

A nice looking man opened the door smiled and took a step back as I entered rather bruskly. I was just horny and wanted a man inside of me at that instant. I gave him a hello, a short kiss on his cheek and asked him if he would like to start (I whispered in his ear that I’m really really horny).

Getting into position

I really didn’t wait for his answer and continued into the room. As I passed him, I looked back and noticed that he didnt move. I turned around and grabbed his shirt and dragged him to the far end of the bed where there was some floor space.

I looked at him with open eyes that said “well’?

At this point I’ve kicked off my shoes, removed my pants and go to floor on all four with my ass toward him…I’m waiting, waiting, but not feeling anything so I look back.

He’s struggling to remove his shoes. He is leaning against the desk, his pants are pulled down but his shoes are in the way, he cant get his pants off.

Now this would be a rather funny scene if I wasn’t so horny, but I was, and I was getting impatient.

Well he did finally get his shoes off without falling (congrats I thought) and then I noticed that he is going to need some help, and we are going to need a condom.

Finding my bag I take out the condom place it and start…I look up and I see the poor guy looks half in shock and my support is not working, so I go to plan B…my pink toy.

He can watch or join in

I turn around, find my bag near the bed, find my toy. I then roll over on my back (still on the floor, while my client is still standing with the condom on, but not really ready for any action – but at least he has his pants and shoes off).

I place the vibration on a medium / high number, spread my legs and place it right where it belongs on the outside. I close my eyes and already I am feeling better, my body moving with the vibrations…. and I then feel his insertion.

FINALLY, this is what I need, what my body has been waiting for, and my client has finally got himself together to do his job, and then my concentration is disrupted, “tits, I want to see your tits” I keep hearing this over and over, finally I realized it was my client, seems he is a big natural tit lover and my tits were still covered. Once I realized what was going on, I took a 5 second break from my vibrator, almost tore  my shirt off, within seconds felt his hands on my tits. Now I could return to own needs knowing that all is good in the world……15 minutes later, my body finally relaxed and my heart was slowly starting to return to its normal rhythm. 

Such a wonderful feeling!!

I slowly got up and sat on the bed.

My client? still on the floor, and in need of some attention. I looked at him, told him I needed a few minutes and that  in the meantime, he should concentrate on keeping up his side :).

He gave me a rather strange look of “you’ve got to be kidding”, so I gathered my strength, rolled down to the floor, removed the condom and helped him finish (anything for a client).

What Just Happened?

He had this funny smile, the kind of smile one has of being both surprised / satisfied / and surprised again.

He asked me if I had ever worked in porn, since what had just happened seemed to him to be a scene in porn movie, something that never really happens in real life, just in male fantasies.

I then remembered him struggling to get his pants off with his shoes still on, reminded him of this as asked if he meant a comedy?

I told him that in fact what just happened was very real and he should remember every detail, because it will probably never ever happen again as long as he lives.

btw this post wins the most “liked” post and clients actually  request if I can visit them while I”m horny.