Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Hypnotize Me: Your Independent Escort in Israel

Early in the emails he told me he was not interested in Full Service. Not that he didn’t like it, but that it was no longer a physiological possibility. He just couldn’t finish with FS, and anyway he like the visual of a womans full body in front of him. He wasn’t going to get his fantasies from his wife, so the next best thing would be an Independent Tel Aviv Escort in Israel, and he wanted me to be the chosen Escort.


What did he want?  I could tell by the emails that he had a special request and that he was holding back on it, in order not to scare me away. Usually its a ‘golden shower” though I have had “diapers” cross dressers and a few other interesting fetishes, nothing to scare me away though. I’m always reminded by the quote in the movie “pretty woman


Well your lucky Most of them shock the hell out of me


After a bit of avoiding the issue, I told him that he might as well tell me, since that is in fact why he wants to meet me.


He wants to Hypnotise me, he wants full control over me, he wrote back….ok so this was new. In general I do what is requested of me, so I asked him why the need for the hypnosis (it was not going to happen, but I didn’t want to tell him that, first I wanted to know why he wanted the hypnosis as perhaps I can find another option).


Tel Aviv EscortsHe was shy he mentioned he has trouble asking people to do things for him, or perhaps insecure with people.

So now we are getting somewhere. Even with a Tel Aviv Escort, I inquired?, where he in fact does have full control?

He wrote back, that though I may be an Israeli Escort, I’m still a person.

I thought about it and came up with a solution for him, I then asked him what will the person be that is under his total control?  Who is this fantasy girl that will have not even the slightest resistance to what he wants and will remember nothing (that is what his need for the hypnosis is all about).

He was quick with this answer: Girl Next Door, the Babysitter: cute, sexy but not slutty and not experienced. I smiled, to myself, this was going to be easy,.

We met at night, I told him to keep one small light on (the desk lamp but placed on the floor), so it was pretty dark and he wouldn’t have to look in to my eyes.

I told him what he can and cannot do, so that i won’t ruin his fantasy by “waking up.” All he had to do was snap his fingers twice and I would be hypnotised, for the hour, anything less and it would take three snaps or him cumming to get me out.

He fell back on the bed, closed his eyes and was silent, I really didnt know what to do so I waited…and waited…and waited. Maybe out of his excitement he had a heart attack?. I went to the bed, next to him and could see that he was breathing (that was good). I lied down next to him, and said ” master, I am yours, anything, just anything you want i shall do, please tell me – we only have an hour).

I could feel his smile and then he “sprung into action.” He whipped off his pants, went to the chair and started to give me orders as if he was some kind of sergeant in the Army. He wanted me to stand in this position, move over to the desk, bend over, finger myself, walk to him, on the bed on my knees where he would walk around. All the while playing with himself, and clearly he was enjoying himself.

Once he snapped his fingers 3 times to get me out of my hypnosis and asked me what I remembered. He wanted to make sure that I remembered nothing, which was my answer, and then back to being hypnotised.

It wasn’t more than 35 minutes until he was finished with me and himself, and he had the cutest look on his face after. Just looking at me as if I was some kind of “angle” sent just for him, instead of an Independent Tel Aviv Escort Girl.