Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escort forgot the condoms
escort forgot the condoms

It was raining, I was cold,

I didn’t want to be late and I couldn’t find just where I put my latest surprise to one of my first regular clients…a short black dress (no panties). I looked in the closet next to the bed, in the dryer, no where to be found. I went to the computer to send him an email that I will be late and found my dress there, on the chair next to the computer. I remember, I was trying it on when I figured out how to do something in Photoshop that I was trying to do and not succeeding, so when the solution finally entered my brain, I went straight to the computer to try it out while removing my dress. (still had the high heels on).

I made it to the hotel room, (late) but he was glad to see me, I know he was waiting impatiently and maybe even a little mad, but I was sure that once I did finally enter and put on my short black dress, show him my natural D’s, give him a cute smile, he would forgive me

and he did, but that was the easy part.

I’ll skip over our discussion about how the different cultures that have arrived here in Israel have had their affect on the culture through out its short history (I’m not ever sure how we got there) and I’ll skip over the part led me to get up, walk slowly over to the bathroom (it was a big room to get the condoms, knowing he was watching every step I took and getting very excited for when I return to him.

and they weren’t there, I took the wrong purse. I looked in the mirror and couldnt decide funny or horrible. Well the major advantage was that I knew him and as much as I was embarrassed I knew it would be ok. So I peaked out from the bathroom, and boy was he ready for me, and I mean really really ready for me. (this was going to be “harder” than I thought).

So walked over, crawled on the bed, just to give him  clear view of my  Big D’s, sat on his legs, squeezed him and causally mentioned that by the way, I forgot the condoms!!!

He just smiled, shook his head slightly and mentioned that I must be the worst escort girl in the middle east. How does one forget such a basic aspect of escorting. Well I told him, I was just so excited to show off my new dress, with matching high heels that I completely forgot I was escorting. (Did I mention that I had both hands on him now, so had nowhere to go, nor did he want to).

He looked at me, I squeezed, smiled and he smiled back….we have a real relationship and that is a big part of this for me now. When the client is a bit less the client and becomes a real person in my eyes.

Though he did remind me that forgetting the condoms was “unforgivable.”  but by the time I left I can say I had been forgiven.