Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

I'm that good an escort Kim-escort

I'm that Good an Escort- I've always received compliments, but never like this last one

The emails started off normal, he lives in Israel, so automatically I want to check out his age and where he is living.

I have no intention of being a clients friend on “facebook” hence I prefer those that are a bit older and who’s use for facebook is more family oriented if at all.

  1. Age is good, as he  is older
  2.  Doesn’t live in my area, (reduces the risk of running into him randomly in public)
  3. Profession is also good and it has no relation to my public profession

I'm that good an Escort and We are good for the next step

Some have mentioned that they feel like I’m from the Mossad as I can ask a quite a few questions and from the answers I also make a few assumptions.

Anyway, we’re now at stage 2. I want to know what is he looking for with our time together and of course  which of my blogs he likes and if there are any special requests.

Well of course he would like me to bring yoga pants (this is a real serious fetish men have), but there was more: vibrator, hi heels, thong, dildo. He then added if i knew of a place that had a pole in it (he later explained that since the gov’t closed down the strip shows, he missed the pole dancing).

Obviously he had some big plans and I needed to bring a small backpack. I asked him exactly how much time was he considering?  He said two hours.

Well since the requests and his plans for me were within my boundries and I don’t know of any 4/5 start hotels that have a pole in their rooms, we were good to go.

We work ou the time and place and we meet up…its then when I discovered that I’m that good an escort.

I enter the room with my bag of toys...

We’ve were scheduled for two hours, usually a good part of that time is spent talking and getting to know each other. I was under the impression that he had other plans.

After introducing  myself, (and seeing the relief on his face, that I am actually blond and “hot” as per my website claim, I opened up my backpack. I placed all the various items on the bed as per his request and asked where shall we begin?

30 minutes later, he came and was soon fast asleep.

Now it seems to me that, that is absolute proof that I’m that good as an Escort. I got him so excited that he not just quickly came but was so exhausted that he just fell asleep!!

Did I mention his age? I estimate about 75+  

and for those who are wondering, I did not stay for the two hours nor did I take my 2 hr fee. I did however take a long shower and when I got out, he was still sleeping, like a baby 🙂