Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

airbnb - independent escort

Independent Escort and the Airbnb

I have a section on one of my pages about having to start to visiting Airbnbs. As a Tel Aviv Escort its not that comfortable.

Airbnbs have now taken a larger percentage of my visits. They also add a few additional layers of information and therefore time before I can confirm my visit. Obviously this is the downside of the Airbnb. For instance, if I’m visiting a hotel (4/5 star) I’m not concerned with the neighborhood, the room etc. However for an Airbnb as an independent escort I am. More than that I also first have to get a few layers of additional information if its a new client (reservation ticket).

Checking out the Neighborhood

Then I have to go to google maps and check out the neighborhood. At first I didnt do that didn’t even think about it. Wow did I end up in some of the dirtiest, darkest parts of town with a dilapidated building in front of me.

Lesson learned.
If the building is in a state of collapse then I dont enter.
I was always under the impression that the Airbnbs were apartments (small, large, but apartments). Well, that is not true. Some of them apparently are basically a single room, with a bed and pseudo shower/toilet – the kind you find in the cheapest hotels, the kind I don’t visit. Ok, got it, now I have to add before confirmation that the client send me a pict of the Airbnb.

The Better Airbnbs

Of course some of the Airbnbs are absolutely beautiful. As an independent Escort I can be invited for 2/3 hours in some of the newer hi rise buildings in Tel Aviv. The kind of visit where there is kitchen home theatre, incredible view and even a dining room table that includes multiple use :).