Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel


Listen up guys (and gals if there are any reading this), this will be the first lecture on escort economics for the private, independent escort.


To begin with this week I”ve had my period and couldn’t work and the timing was perfect as I’ve had a drop in emails this week. Not so much in website visitors, that remains relatively consistent, but a definite drop in actual emails for “dates.” So the question I obviously  have to ask myself, and in fact I have to research, is the reason for the drop.


This week is isolated in that I already have work scheduled for the beginning of September and had work the previous week, so a few thoughts are in order, bearing in mind that my clients are businessmen and women.


The first step is a look at the environment and some thoughts.

  • Hotels are full
  • Vacation time for Israelis
  • Vacation time for Europeans? Americans?
  • Very Hot outside
  • Economic Activity (local and worldwide)
  • Disposable income in August
  • Competition
  • General econ activity (macro and micro)


My first thought, is, if my work is similar to other general economic activity, it does require disposable income. However, at the sometime, the “need” for my attention can be strong. Clients will be willing eat peanut butter  and jelly sandwiches for a month just to save up the money to visit with me, so I don’t believe micro economics will match perfectly with the larger macro economics of the country or the int’l community.

Actually my conclusion, after my research was quite simple: There are no seminars happening now, few exhibitions, no visiting lecturers (school is out), infact everyone is on vacation!

So much for some intricate, subtle change in economic activity that someone could do their PhD dissertation on.