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My Independent escort blog seems to have developed in to 3 basic sections:

  1. My clients and their interactions with me.
  2. My Website: technical issues as well as my website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)
  3. Escort Economics, specifically the application of the Independent Escort Economics Theory, known as IEET)

This blog is about number 3, applying the IEET: Independent Escort Economics

For those of you who read my blogs or have invited me to meet with you, know that the conversations via emails are a large part of my marketing and can be time consuming.

A statistical analysis of my time has shown me a point to be improved. There is a very specific group, that I hope my small price rise will reduce if not eliminate. My previous price of 1100nis is a “borderline price for them.” They are not sure if they have the budget for me and email me to find out. In doing so they require a lot of emails (time) for me to convince them or to reassure them that I am infact worth it. Since my price is either at their budget limit or over it, I am not always successful, however, to get to that point where they can make a decision requires quite a time investment on my part (the ROI).

My analysis of it, shows me that they are in fact not “worth the time”. Too much time is spent for too few invitations.

This small price rise, from 1100nis to 1300nis hopefully will clearly place my price over their budgets and reduce many of their emails. Ahh, you are thinking (my readers are smart), at 1300nis I will now discover a new “group” who’s budget is 1300nis and they will start with the emails about “am I worth it.”

This is where the IEET (Independent Escort Economic Theory) comes into play, the IEET states that at certain price there will be a gap between those that understand the price of escort quality and can pay for it and for those on a more limited budget, meaning, my targeted client is not one that will “quibble” about 200nis.

Of course for those few clients that I may lose with this small price rise, I expect the higher prices will make up for it. In addition, I’m assuming that I will be working less as well, allowing me to give an even higher quality service than I already am (increasing the gap between Tel Aviv’s best independent escort and the rest of the girls).

Note that for 2 hours,  the price also has a minor adjustment to 2,300nis. I am now  comfortable with the 2 hours and would like to “push” it as a good option.

So just to make sure its clear:
2300nis for two hours


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