Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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Escort to the Top Floor

The view, I never get tired of the view from the hotel rooms higher floors. My favorite visit is at night at the hotels that are on the beach facing the Mediterranean. Out on the porch at night the stars fill the night sky. Its a wonderful place to have the red wine that I’m offered not to mention a few astronomy lessons that I’ve also received by one of my clients who’s an amateur astronomer.

The breeze is always light up there and refreshing (winter is now coming so it will no longer be so “light”).

And of course some of those top floor hotel rooms are a bit extravagant with rooms bigger than my own apartment, with actual desks (most hotel rooms seem to have small desks if any at all). And of course we all know that desks, the real ones, are the appropriate accessory for my secretary outfit.

If i’m on the subject of hotels I might as well explain why I won’t meet any clients in the bar or lobby as many ask me about it. If I agree to our first meeting in a public place I’m vulnerable as I am exposing myself as an independent escort to a stranger who has not committed to our meet. If I meet him / her in their room then the environment is different and its more of an even playing field. They have invited an escort and one arrives.

More and more hotels now have room keys for their elevators. My solution, is to ask the client to leave a key in an envelop at the reception desk with my name on it. I just pick it up, no questions asked and soon I”m at their door.

Did you know that many leave their hotel door open for me?, they like the idea of beautiful girl comes walking in, when that happens sometimes I take a few steps in the room and just stand.  I like seeing the smile that appears and eyes that light up when they look at me. Some just keep on staring and i actually ask them if i can come forward. Usually i get a nod, no words as they keep on staring. I feel like I’m the candy and their mom finally gave them permission to buy it, they are just so excited. BTW this repeats itself over and over again with certain clients and they never seem to get tired of it nor do I.  I love the idea of someone getting so excited to see me again and again and being so excited that they can’t speak. When I see that, I see that the client is actually ‘living for the moment’, everything else no longer exists in his mind, not the work, not the pressures. He has entered the “zone” of just him and this beautiful independent escort, a natural blond with natural boobs, in front of him, waiting for him. There are so many books / videos written on the subject, but here I get to see it in action, if only for a few minutes (or an hour or two), its actually pretty cool.

btw, my last client, who likes leaving the door open for me, I told him he’s not allowed to look up and that he should keep his head buried in his phone / computer. I slipped in the door, straight to the bathroom where I changed outfits (I also didn’t let him choose, which outfit, I told him, this time I”m choosing-knowing full well what he likes). When I came out of the bathroom, I then gave him permission to look up- god I love that look on his face!!!!!


a comment I received on my email: one of my clients tried this, to keep the door slightly ajar so I could just walk in, except the cleaning help kept entering to clean the room!!

Photo Credit: A wonderful client of mine who shall remain anonymous