Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

The Holidays have now ended in Israel. Israels holidays are based on the Hebrew Calendar which is not in synch with the Gregorian Calendar, which the world uses, this means that the holidays come out on different days each year. This year they were in the middle of the week, which practically meant that for most of the month Israel wasn’t working….so it was vacation time and my family decided to visit me.


independent escort tel aviv
I wasn’t really sure about this visit, they were coming to stay with me which means it would be hard to actually work. (My day job which is part-time was closed for the period except for a few hours need to keep my end up.)


Not only would I have a hard time explaining to them why I’m leaving for a few hours, the whole thing would have been just a bit weird. The purity of family with me vs the “playful secret” visit to the hotels.


And then I was surprised…. Initially I thought it would be very difficult to have family living with me for so long, including small trips around Israel, but it wasn’t. It was quite the opposite. I felt the warmth of their love, their energy toward me and it really felt great. I have great friends but family is different, family is special.


This actually connects to one of my earlier blogs about “marriage saving.” of which I have received many comments on in the emails. Many of my clients understand the importance of their families, want/need to preserve them, yet also have unfulfilled needs that can make them miserable. This includes many who are very religious and strong in their beliefs. And I am glad to help them with that!


There simply is something special about family that friends cannot replace.


Anyways, we had several trips around Israel, staying in TA. It felt like a vacation even though we stayed in the country.


In between the Galil and Eilat, I also had some private time for myself for some additional marketing research and I’ll write about this later as I further check the numbers, but it was quite an interesting discovery about the status of the working women in Israel….and I did some shopping as well.

The break was great and I now feel super energized to get back to work, plus my body is “demanding” some action 🙂