Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

independent escorting

I have a small business: Independent Escorting: sole proprietorship

and I have a “happy dance”

The Virus, the Closures, the unknown, the changing government policies, non of these  change my mind about being an independent.

It was the right choice when I started and it remains the right choice…

My business as an Independent Escorting. I’m a small business. I admit when I started I never really gave it much thought, never really thought of myself as a business woman. Escorting was to be a means to an end, the end being a freelancer / independent. I just never thought of my escorting as that.

Escorting remains, “the means to an end” however the fact is, that even as an escort I’m running my own business. The Corina hit, made that very clear. I was initially under the impression that independent escorting had its own economic rules. Escorts were “depression proof, recession proof, and this profession is, its just not virus proof.

Escorting and Advertising

I’ve been handling my own ads, playing with google, learning about its organic engine. All the while however, I assumed that once I enter the real world of “public freelancing” with my future job,  I’ll be subject to a different set of rules.

I was wrong. What hit small businesses (and the freelancers) also hit my own escorting business. My business model took a big hit, just like everyone else.

Adjusting it is not so simple.

Is Freelancing Worth it? Sole proprietorship?

This has been an “eye opener.” There are those with certain jobs that have retained their jobs throughout this period. It looks like most of them have been government jobs as well as some essential jobs, many being engineeers  and such.

My future public job is not an “essential job”  nor will it ever be. Perhaps, I was thinking I should think about the stability of a government job, enter a large organization for economic security?

I’m an Independent Escort for a Reason

I simply love my independence, I like making my own decisions, mistakes and all. However this situation has also shown the fragility of being a freelancer of being “independent.” Perhaps its an illusion, as  us “independents are also dependent on many things out of our control.

This present situation will end and when it does I will be able to return to work….

And when I get a new escort  job, meet a new client, get an email from an older escort client, I do infact have a “happy dance.’ It’s an indication of my own little success.  My “happy dance” will clearly follow me to my next stage in life and its success there as well.

Being a freelancer is really a poor choice in terms of economic stability, We are so vulnerable to the whims of government, of nature and apparently the universe.

But working as an employee in a government office, I simply wouldn’t have my “happy dances.”