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My Support  Group

Though I am as independent as it gets it doesnt mean I dont have other professionals that I need and use. What I don’t have is someone sending me to meet clients. It is I that makes my meetings, decides upon the time, agrees to the place (or not) and if something doesn’t seem right, I then cancel.

Even if I arrive at an Airbnb and it just doesnt look right,  I’ll turn around and cancel.

Still I  do need support. Lets start with the hardware:

Hardware Support: Independent Escort

Obviously my computer can and does require fixing now and then. Its kind of tricky but I remove all the information related to my escorting when its time for some maintenance. (such as my website info). Using a super mini usb hidden in the cracks of my home is my backup. It would take a combination of the Mossad teaming up with the FBI to find it. Not to mention the hi level of encryption used (ok so the mossad or those genius kids in the army unit 8200 probably could break it, but not your normal hacker). Backups are essential I’m not sending my info to an offsite service (dropbox, etc). And for those who don’t have backups, take some professional advice from Kim, your friendly independent escort, its essential. My website is hosted on an anonymous server in a land far far away. The biggest problem is website programming and Google. For both of these I  need real human support.

Software Support: Independent Escort

This is the trickiest part. How to get some support when my website has a problem or some small program is not working? How do I protect my identity when I may have to actually pay someone either for advice or to go in and fix something?

I have a parallel site that mimics my escorting site, but without the independent escorting on it. Before I change something on my own escort site, I first do it on my sandbox version. If there is a problem I’ll see it there first and can get some support if need be, I can call up my support guy and through “remote control software” let him poke around the back end.

 A bit time consuming but its a good solution…until google  connects the dots and decides to blackmail me 🙂