Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

escort tel aviv vacation
escort tel aviv vacation

Being Invited to New York, London, Hawaii

When I first started escorting, of course I did my research first. I read a lot about girls that traveled the world escorting as well as those who were invited to many exotic places to join their client or travel with them. There were those web sites where the Escort Girl  would very clearly explain her conditions for such invitations, that of course included first class travel, $2000 – $3000 / day or even more.

It all sounded great and I read enough of them to understand that it clearly does happen. I never really did think it through, I just thought of how fun it would be to travel to such places, eat good food, stay a very fancy resorts by the beach or in the mountains, get massages, have fun sex and get paid for all of it.

Actual Invitations….

About 6 months ago, I actually started to get invited. Some of the invitations were from men I had not even met, but sent me emails from abroad. Others were from clients that I had met here in Tel Aviv and invited me to join them on one of their business trips, meet them on some Island resort. I’ve even had invitations to Hawaii and Switzerland, and they all sound sooo exciting, from skiing in the Alps to eating exotic food  in Hawaii….

And yet I’ve turned them all down. The exposure and the commitment are a bit too much for me. To begin with such a trip requires full exposure of my identity. Plane tickets, require passports, money transfers require the recipient’s full name, etc. I’m not so willing to do that yet. Also, I love my independence and privacy, such a trip, at least for me, requires a commitment to stay close with someone with whom I barely know. I’m not the kind of person who would just “take the money” and go. Such a trip requires a real commitment to meet the clients needs. This would be very different from a short visit of an hour or two at a hotel room.

What a disappointment. I had these illusions of being invited to Paris, New York, going shopping for some expensive lingerie (pretty woman) and then bringing it back to the hotel and showing it off to my “man.” I was going to be invited to do some skiing in the Alps and be in hot tube out on porch, naked, while it snowed. Not to mention the fancy dinners and how my foot would slip out of its shoe and tease my client under the table (pehaps show a bit too much cleavage in my new fancy dinner outfit). But its not going to happen.

However I do have a solution for all those clients of mine who are reading this and either have invited me or have been contemplating it…. just invite me for a few hours at your hotel room and I’ll bring with me my magic and that will be enough for me  🙂