Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Iron Dome

Iron Dome Reminds me of Condoms...

I suppose its not the greatest of analogies but I am an escort and condoms are a crucial part of my arsenal.

Both are used for protective reasons, both are needed to put off the aggressor (some men have actually tried to not use a condom, as if I wouldn’t know).

Both have specific uses and are not used nor wasted when not needed.

  1. If a missile is not destined to land in a populated area, Iron Dome does not send a missile to intercept.
  2. If my sensitive hands are working their magic then there is no need to waste a condom.


One of the differences is that the condoms contain the explosive material while Iron Dome does not and falling shrapnel can cause damage. (Please note this is not a criticism of Iron Dome and its brilliant engineers, just an observation).

This is actually pretty incredible……and it does make me proud to be an Israeli, such technology. Note each explosion is a succesful interception of a Hamas missile.

Worrysome Emails

I do receive an increase in emails during this period, its my clients that expressing their concern for me.

Emails that I really appreciate and enjoy reading. This was another surprise that I didn’t expect when I started working as an escort. My initial impression was that emotions / feelings are not really part of the business and essentially its all based on the men (woman) simply using my body and saying goodbye.

Well I was wrong. Many of those clients have created a connection to me and I certainly appreciate it.

And there goes another Red Alert,  I have to move to my safe room, where there is no internet.