Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Israeli Independence Day

For those who have been reading my posts I write about many things from my escorting, to the technical problems of my website and little bit about my own “love of country” – Israel.

Today is Israels’ Independence day, Israel puts its Memorial day the day before its Independence day, which makes for an emotional roller coaster. We go from being sad and somber when we remember the cost of protecting our country with so many killed, to celebrating its success.  So this post is a tribute to both the young soldiers doing their regular service and the older ones who keep doing their reserve duty long after they finished their regular service. I appreciate all of them, from the truck driver to the commando.

IDF in the desert

One of my clients is one of those soldiers, married, family, lives in Europe on assignment, yet every year he is called up for reserved duty and every year he stops everything, packs up his bag, flys in and joins his unit and visits me. He is in a combat unit so when he goes, its toward the danger.

He is inspiring to me in that he represent the best Israel has to offer in my mind. Not everyone goes in to the army and even less are called up to do reserve duty and even fewer are in those combat reserve units.

I asked him if it bothers him, that he is one of those few, his answer is that, its not a matter of being “fair” or “just”, its a matter of him doing what is important for himself, for his family and his country. He explains more: A good country is built from many different types of people and we must be able to accept those that have different values than us including those that we don’t really understand or agree with.

He has the ability  and the will to shoulder the burden of the army, so that is what he does.

I’ve never been in the army, and I asked him what makes the IDF so different from other armies (I wasn’t born here). He told me there are a lot of reasons, but probably because it really is a “peoples army” in that even the politicians, and the army general’s kids go in the army and many serve, as is the tradition in the combat units, just as they themselves did.  When the gov’t goes to war or has some kind of  military operation, the leaders who are making those decisions are fully aware that they are sending their own children and grandchildren in “harms way.”  It’s an army, where all combat soldiers start from the bottom and have to work their way up based on their own competence and ability to make hard decisions. Its makes for better soldiers, better commanders.

Every time we meet, he tells me a little bit more, more about his service in the IDF, filling in a gap of mine.

I like him, he’s not rough, he is actually a bit shy and gentle, but when I asked him to show me some pictures of him in the army,  I see a different side of him. I see the pictures of a man doing what men can do. I see the ease and comfort of his friends and how they are comfortable with one another, and it really does turn me on in the worse way.

So for all of those soldiers who are spending the holidays on the borders protecting us, for all of those reservists who every year leave their families and put on the uniform, I offer you my thanks, my appreciation, and my tits to dream about :).

tel aviv escort

And of course  I only see him when he is finished his reserve duty, I consider myself his “present.” Of course he gets the IDF discount for “Soldiers in Uniform” (an Israeli tradition found in museums, food stands, etc.  across the country and now with Private Escorts). And yes I make him wear his uniform.

Just as so many of my clients like to watch me as I exit the bathroom wearing the type of clothing that turns them on,  I get to do the same with my IDF soldier. I make him enter the room wearing his dusty, uniform (that never seems to really fit properly) his scruffy boots and I make him just stand there, while I just look at him,  and it is I that gets “wet” just thinking that soon this Israeli Combat Soldier will be mine!

BTW taking off his army belt is actually not so easy if you’ve never been in the army. First time I actually didn’t succeed and boy was he frustrated as I kept on trying.  🙂