Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

Escort job interview

Job Offers……that makes 3 this month

Marriage and Escorting

One from Italy: Some guy in Italy invited me to visit and if all goes well, we would get married (at least that ’s his plan). He offered that I can still work as an escort after we’re married, which I thought was very liberal of him. I turned him down. Apparently, or so he claims, he did find some on else from Romania. They get along great he claims, however shes need some help in her escorting and though perhaps I might be willing to fly to Italy and help out his new wife.

Running an Escort Agency

2nd one, from an unnamed country offering me a job in their Escort Agency. I would be their escort manager responsible for the everyday activities as well as their social media. Seems they’ve been having an influx of tourists on their “sex vacations.” This influx is requiring better management of their resources as well as better social media, as they want to target their preferred cliental. My website apparently impressed them. In addition, they want my domain-name as well.

Managing an Escort Agency and becoming the World’s expert on Escort Social Media is not going to work. Turned down, though I enjoyed the compliment.

The Personal Assistant

3rd one: The Personal Assistant. Now this one was really a classic. It was actually from a past client, one of my first ones. The offer was based on the concept that I’m wasting my life as an escort, that I’m very talented and could easily work in a regular “day job – the one being offered. ….I would also have to relocate to Texas.

Job Offers

One of the things that all of these offers have in common is no job security. There is no recourse if I were to take such jobs, not fulfil expectations and then get fired. All have the implicit subtext that I might have to supply sex as part of my job description or the threat of exposure.

Pissing off the Escort

In addition I always notice that within the job offer there is this message that “ they are not just offering me a job, but saving me (were they in a previous life priests or something?). That is the part that seems to piss me off. The assumption that somehow they are smarter than me and they can save me. In addition, apparently, they believe, that I don’t have the ability to make my own responsible life choices. I think the irony is missed by them as they want to visit me as an escort and at the same time want to “save me.”

Perhaps there is some kind of “I can save Kim virus” going around that affects these people? (this affects both male and females)

I would urge those with the virus to do some research, starting with Belle de Jour,
she does after all have a Ph.D in epidemiology (and worked as an escort to help pay for her education).

Back to the Future

Israel soon will be “green” as we are all getting the vaccine. Though many questions remain, hope is high and I look forward to meeting my old clients as they return to visit Israel once again. This will put my “kimexit” plan back on course and my blogs will get to be a lot more fun!