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Low Bounce Rate - Nothing to do with my Tits

Ok, no doubt my clients love to see my tits bounce, but that is not the subject here. Would a low bounce rate (br/m) be good or bad? I suspect its pretty subjective, but that is not the subject of this post.

This is once again about google analytics and my clients. The bounce rate is the rate of site visitors leaving my site (bouncing out). My bounce rate is at 25% for my home page, which is incredibly good (its low). That means 75% of my site visitors continue to additional pages on my site.

Low Bounce Rate = Clients are Reading more of my Content

As air travel is slowly increasing and Israel is giving priority to businessmen (my clients), I ‘ve noticed a change in my clients…..but I ‘m not surprised.

I started to notice that my site visitors were staying longer on my site a few months ago.  A little bit of reseacrh showed that they were reading more of my blogs than before. Ok I thought that is great, the more they read, the longer they stay on my site, the more google will understand just how important I am to the Israeli escort scene! (and I also believe in unicorns).

Low Bounce Rate – The Repercussions

With Google I really haven’t noticed much change in my position in the organic search. However, I have noticed an interesting change with my clients. It used to be that I would ask them to review my blogs and tell me which ones they like. This information would give me, their escort a better idea of their needs.

Now, they are writing me, and telling me which blogs they like and what interests them.

For example, there is an increased interest in my yoga pants. A few have challenged me in poker after reading my post about poker (and  obviously they lost).

Seems there is some kind of “self-discovery” happening here as part of the affects of covid-19 / quarantine/ lack of air travel. At this point its nothing more than Anecdotal evidence, but I am considering handing each client a survey sheet at the end of my service to reach a more concrete conclusion before writing my paper for Psychology Today.

(it will be interesting to know who will be the “peers” that review my article)