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Escort as Marriage Saver

Before I started working as a private escort, during the period when I was considering it, I did my research.

Read what other escorts wrote about, read what the social workers wrote about, didn’t read to much what the men wrote about, as there wasn’t much to read… So this is where it gets interesting – take note that this is not from any real research, just my own experiences. For some who read this, they may identify with it, others may not. What is for sure is that it touches upon various ethical, moral values of the western world.

telaviv escortsIt started with one of my clients who thanked me for saving his marriage, well obviously that was an “eye opener” and I told him that if he doesn’t start explaining himself I must just squeeze a bit too hard next time we meet.

He has been married for over 10 years, he has kids, good job (wife works) and everything on the outside looks great. Except its a sexless marriage. Its something that developed over time, as the various different jobs of their family life increased with the additional duties of taking care of a growing family, the low sex drive of his wife combined with lack of imagination on her part (sex was always simple). It could have been ┬áhis inability to either express his needs or somehow communicate better, but the sex simply stopped. ┬áMore so, his imagination / fantasy’s were now getting stronger.

He’s a logical man, not prone to decisions made on emotion, he looked at his options, decided the family was important, yet so was his sex drive, his marriage / happiness was not going to survive if nothing changes. He was not interested in having an affair, He simply decided to take advantage of his frequent trips to Israel, and that is where I fit in.

I’m his fantasy, I’m all his fantasies. As much as he looks forward to seeing me, he also knows that I’m just a filler, He likes me, he enjoys talking to me, takes me out to dinner, talks of his work, I’ve seen pictures of his family but most important I also take care of him….

Sometimes I’m the one who “tears off his clothes” demands service, lets him know that he had better perform for me (he really loves the feeling that he is wanted, that I want him and that I need him to fulfill my sexual needs). Other times, I’m his next door neighbor, the “girl next door”. He really does have one of those, so I make sure that I dress like her so that when he is home and he sees her outside, and he gets aroused, he gets to remember that he actually did “have her” (except that my tits are bigger and they bounce better – I have bouncing boobs) and this calms him down.

I’m not going to be one to judge him, my experiences as an escort has shown me so many different sides that us humans have (men and woman). Did I save his marriage? am I continually saving it? well I’m not the one to judge, but he believes that I do.

There is however one important aspect for me and IF he gets confused I will stop seeing him….. that he understands that I”m just the fantasy and that his real life is with his family.