Independent Private Escort: Tel Aviv , Israel

tel aviv escorting

There really isn’t a connection between my escorting and motorcycles. I still have however fond memories from the days when my friends had motorcycles and I would go along for the ride. It was like in the movies, us “young” strong, pretty bunch of teens crusing around on our fast bikes.


We were lucky despite all the stupid things we did while riding no one got really hurt or killed. As time moved on and so did we, our priorities changed, going in different directions our riding got less and less. Looking back it was for the better, statistically the chances of one of us getting hurt were not in our flavor. While I definitely enjoyed that period, I”m just as glad that it finished and I survived it.



But it was fun, exciting, sexy and so were the guys and their bikes. So in honor of them I present one of my favorite youtube videos: