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My Experiences as an Escort - The Book

Its been mentioned by several of my loyal fans that perhaps when I’m finished escorting I should write a book.

Well it would take a good writer to take my short posts and to make them in to a full fledged book and I’m definitly not that good a wrtier.

Also, there have been many books written by escorts over the years, though I admit I’ve never read them.

Would my Escort book be any different?

Men and Women, so many Experiences

Well to begin with I would divide the book in to three / four sections. Section one, would be why I even started, goals and expectations. Section two would be the communications with the potential client, whereas section three would be the actual experiences.

Perhaps a section 4 with my personal conclusion….

But writing a book does require a few notes and thoughts to write down.

Communication – a few notes

My communication is via email, where I have better control over the conversation. Communication such as telegram or whatsapp demands instant answers and lends itself to shorter conversations and consequently less information.

With Emails, I get to learn more about my potential client. This serves several purposes, the first is for me to know their expectations and what they really want. Once that is established I know if we are a good fit. It also serves to “close the deal.”

For instance if the client is religious and I respond positively to that (which I do), he is then more relaxed and consequently excited to visit me. (I like it when clients are excited for my visit).

If I learn that his fetish is all about me spanking him (and he is really not interested in actual sex), I might bring my wooden paddle.

Some tell me that they would like to watch, they want me to spread my legs, keep them high with my high heels on while I play with myself….or use a vibrator, I can accomodate them.

The variations on these slight fetishes, maybe subtle but for many they are the fantasies that drive some men to invite an escort. (yoga pants….off or on? Jeans with gym shoes?)

Sometimes this information has to coaxed out of them, as they can be “shy about it.”

Or, which is actually more prevalent is that they just don’t expect me to actually be interested in what they need, since most communications with escorts is usually short and curt.

They are pleasantly surprised, when I ask them to tell me more…..

Being the Listener - more notes

There are actual times, when I decide that we are not going to meet. The reasons are varied, but I decide that we are not a good fit…still I let the emails continue.

The “client” perhaps just needs to write out their frustration or perhaps their secret fetish. Whatever the reason, I can also be the “listener” even though there is no financial gain in this. It can give me insight to other clients that also just want to talk but want to do it in person.

I don’t offer advice, as that is not my place, nor my training,  though I may suggest a sex therapist, if the emails go on for too long.

Accepting No...

There are those that simply have a hard time taking “no” for an answer- especially from an escort.

First there is the surprise when I tell them no. I realize that there first is the assumption as an escort (whore / prostitute / call girl) is that I will take anyone who offers me money. The second assumption is that they are smarter than me and they infact control the conversation.

My favorite reaction was the guy who mentioned that if we don’t meet he will find out who I am. He mentioned that he had connections. The kind of people with technological know how and it wouldn’t take long to expose me.

I had to restrain myself from writing…why on earth would I meet with someone who has threatened to expose me?  That meant agreeing to blackmail, which would never stop…. I guess he really didnt think his threat through (not too smart…)

There have been other reactions, always interesting in that they tend to have this patriarchal feel to the writing. Something to the affect that, they have decided to agree to not meet (as if they have a say in the matter). Or that they might consider meeting me a later time (again they seem to be confused as to the definition of “no”).

Though their emails start off benign in the beginning, after a few questions they quickly start to lose patience. Thats partially what I’m looking for (as well as to connect better). How do they see me, the escort? Are they respectful or is their attitude more of a , “whom am i for asking such questions?” which comes out in their replys.  I can then decide to continue or not, and when I say no, their email reaction usually confirms my instinct.

To be fair, there are many who do accept my “no”

When I write that we shall not meet (for various reasons) many simply wish me “good luck.”  I certainly appreciate those responses. Some even continue to write, to compliment me on my posts, which I also appreciate. I understand for some its a “stealth” way of attempting to convince me to meet them one day, by establishing a virtual relationships-but its not going to happen, still I enjoy their emails.